Hi Jean, That healing with Emotion Code is truly unbelievably (but I'm believing it now) AMAZING!!!  It had been bothering me lately that that karmic incident with my father when I was 7 ever occurred.  Because I knew it had affected my relationship with money my whole life.  After your healing, now when I think about that incident and my Father, and sister, it has no impact on me.  And the full ramifications will become more apparent to me as time goes by.  Thank you, thank you!!!  You are wonderful!! Can I have another session??? - Eilana D, WA, USA

Jean, I want to thank you very much for the Emotion Code Therapy. It really helped me a lot. I did feel my energy shift the moment you did remote Emotion Code for me. The therapy brought a lot of clarity to me and enabled me to make decision which I was not able to for a long time before I had the therapy session with you. I am now much happier, calmer and more content. My dog is also much calmer and happier. Emotion Code Therapy is such a wonderful healing modality. Thank you so much for doing the therapy on me! - Martha M, WA, USA

I've got in touch with the « Emotion Code « healing in a very surprising and sudden way. One day during the chat with Jean through Skype, she started to talk about it. As a healer myself I wanted to know about it more and asked if she can check my right ovary and ask where the pain that I felt during the last 1 year is coming from. My body told her it was because of a trapped emotion of heartache and vulnerability that was manifested 8 years ago. She asked me what happened then and after some thinking I remembered. The tears filled my eyes and I had the need to cry. It was a surprise for me because I thought I have dealt with it, and forgot completely about it, but only on a conscious level. My body obviously remembered the huge pain I went through. When she did the clearing with the magnets, I felt the energy moving through my ovary and womb and the pain ceased. She also found another layers of trapped emotions there that I could connect to and the real healing started. After 2 weeks of the treatment and me getting in touch with the painful emotions, my ovary feels much much better. I know there are still layers from the past life that I have to deal with, but they will come out in a proper time as the Emotion Code came in to my life. I also decided to do the course myself as it is so simple but so powerful.

Another example are my left side teethes that started to hurt so much whenever I would take some food and later started to upset me the whole time. I even had throat pain and could not swallow. I knew it could be only a trapped emotion because I have no problems with my teeth at all. This agony lasted for 1 week and I again asked Jean to do the treatment for me and she said it is a trapped emotion of anger. I realized how much anger I have had in the past and this energy did not go through my mouth but stayed there being trapped. Of course after the clearing Jean did, the pain has gone completely and I saved my time going to the dentist who would not find anything. I highly recommend this treatment to everyone as it amazed me as a healer myself. I also thank Jean for her time and amazing energy and intuition with which she led me through this healing and introduced me to this new tool. - Natalija, Croatia

Hi Jean, A week ago you made the emotion code therapy on me via Skype. I really was like another person after it. Later onwards however, I begun to experience lots of anger and still do. Especially in my relationship with my mother. I can get upset over so small things. I do clearly see how I repress so much strong emotions that is connected to my sensitivity. I strongly feel pressure around my throat, understanding it is emotions wanting to go. But I'm stopping it. I would like to continue with the therapy anyway. It would be great if I could lighten my fear of emotions and the ways of expressing it. It seems though its a little easier for me to meditate. - Gabriel, Sweden

Hi Jean! I'm really feeling better now. I experienced a shift in saturday afternoon when you did the clearing for me. I did not know at that time you did do it. The majority of the pressure at the throat left. Some is still there. I definately feel lighter now. It really works! I have not experienced any unexplainable anger towards anybody yet also. I log in to Skype at various times. - Gabriel B, Sweden

Hi, Jean, I've been meaning to email you for awhile. I wanted to tell you how much of a difference the emotion code work we did has made in my life. I feel much lighter in every way, and there is less tension in my body; things do not bother me as much; and the HORRIBLE nagging voice in my head that has tortured me all my life has less to say. My husband said he could feel the difference in the atmosphere of the house the morning after our session. I feel the difference every day.

I went to visit my mother last night and expected nothing. For the first time in many decades we had a nice time, couldn't stop talking, and understood each other very well. I can see that it was like my senses were STOPPED by all that emotion. I could not hear or see correctly what was going on. I could not see her brand of kindness even when it was offered to me. Now I can. And I can understand that 
in my own way I have neglected her.

It is very sad that we had to wait until I was 50 to get along, but maybe now things will be good.

Thank you so much. I can't begin to tell you how much you have done for me already. I am so grateful. I am set free. - Deborah, USA


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